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Uangaana kasuttortunga!
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So with the change from vB to XF, the moderators' names are no longer shown at the bottom of the the page. Since new projects are generally supposed to be approved by the OU moderators, there needs to be an easy way to find all their names. Introducing, your OU moderators.

My name is ginganinja. I'm an Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women.
I am in a loving and caring online relationship with Haunter who is just such a darling. I am a master OU battler, crushing top tier battlers such as Frizy and Pocket with depressing ease, and I moderate Pokemon Showdown, fending off advances from staff members such as Mikel and Skylight. If your ever looking for someone to help you out, don't PM me, go bother Birkal instead.

Have a nice day!

Im also seeing Pockets sister on the side but Haunter doesn't need to know that

Hello, guys, I am Pocket. I've been part of this community since its inception, and it has been a pleasure seeing the community grow from infancy to where it is now. Outside of OU Discussions I am passionate about tiering, and I also work in the QC with my fellow nigs ginganininja and PKG. I am a strong proponent of Doubles at Smogon, and with the help of my homies, the format has been OFFICIALLY approved for XY (yay ^_^)

Hi, I'm harsha2014. I bet you're wondering what the 2014 signifies—it's my birth year. I began my quest to become a Pokémon master at the tender age of fifteen and have since completed my journey, defeating numerous PO clans, self-proclaimed online gym leaders, and even the Elite 4 champion Blooregard Q. Kazoo along the way. I spend most of my time off of Smogon, but when I'm online here, I sometimes talk to my friends on IRC. You can generally find me on in #ratemyteam; speaking of Rate My Team, I came to this prestigious university in order to get a degree in rating teams, and I have since accomplished my goal of becoming an official team rater, even becoming a co-badge leader at one point along the way. I moderate OverUsed with a heavy hand and, as my name implies, I rain down harsh judgement with my iron fists...or at least that was the case in my youth. As you can tell by the grey badges in my postbit, I've aged quite a bit, and I've grown quite lazy. Still, make sure you follow the rules, as even if I ignore your bad post, ginganinja will make sure to enact judgment in my stead.

im kd24. i hate capitalization. i hate proper punctuation i hate really dumb posts/posters, so if i see you ill call you out on it and probably be all up in your shit. if you want to talk to someone who has been through it all (going from bad poster -> good poster, going from bad user -> good user, trying to figure out good sets/mons, etc) im your guy. just come to me and i'll proceed to direct you to aldaron and jabbathegriffin. if you beg i might answer it myself. as an aside ive helped lead/decide several metas/tiers through 4th/5th gen, most of them fake including dream world and lc, but i keep up to date in every meta and can answer your questions of transitioning between new tiers as well.

My name is NixHex. I am a male from southern California and play bass at my church, and am about to get my masters in electrical engineering. I joined Smogon in 2009 because I wanted to learn how to get a Zapdos with good IVs -- that's when I found out about RNG, and for the first couple years that's what kept me here. Before I modded OU, I wrote several past gen in-game articles that no one else wanted to write and I was bored. I'm a grammar nazi and am somewhat of a Grammar-Prose vet. Don't ask me for a check though, I don't do requests. I was hired onto the OU staff as a talent scout, right around the time we invented the community contributor badge. I'm not the best OU player around but I hold my own; I typically spend more time in Doubles with my homie Pocket. Oh yeah and I am the second oldest person on the OU staff, next to Haunter.

PK Gaming
PK Gaming here. I’m originally from Gamefaqs, but I did most of my growing up on this site, so it's very dear to me. I'm just you're average joe who's been given the chance work with the OU moderation team. I have a strong interest in UU metagame & C&C, so you'll probably see me frequently posting in either of those sections. I also lead the OU QC team, so if you have any questions about OU C&C in general, i'm your man. If you read the rules and generally don't do anything stupid, we'll get along just fine.

Hi, I'm Haunter. I'm an administrator but I also actively moderate the OU forum. I'm from Italy and I'm a pretty old Smogon member. I'm involved into other areas of the community, such as the RMT section and Pokemon Showdown, where I'm also an administrator. I'm part of the OU tiering Council. I'm an extremely approachable person: if you show me respect, I'll respect you in return. I'm always available if you need any kind of forum-related help. Feel free to PM me if you have any question regarding my areas of expertise.

I am also deeply in love with ginganinja, and really see him as the perfect role model for me. I try to emulate his masterful pokemon skills, while desperately hoping to get a kind word from him.

And now, onto the nerds who are too shy / boring / lazy to write bios for themselves (just edit yours in whenever you get a chance).


Old guys no one cares about

For quick reference, just copy this list of names into a PM when you want to write a new article:
tobes, pk gaming, haunter, nixhex, kd24, harsha2014, pocket, ginganinja
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